Bridgewater, NJ

Foot Care in Bridgewater, NJ

Whenever you're interested in getting serious about Bridgewater, NJ, foot care, Myron A Bergman DPM is available to help. As a practice that accepts most major insurance plans, we do what it takes to make the process convenient for you. We're open seven days a week to take care of pressing patient problems. We're dedicated to the satisfaction of each patient, and we're proud of our quick response whenever patients come to us with concerns.

One of our top assets is our relaxing facility. We understand that patients want to be treated well, so we've invested in a place where we can comfortably offer all of these services:

  • Flat feet treatment
  • Neuroma therapy
  • Therapy for sports injuries

Whether you've been hurt on the court or you're just looking to fix a problem that's lingered, contact Myron A Bergman DPM for help. We've been providing Bridgewater, NJ, foot care for 40 years now, and we'd love the opportunity to serve you.